Uttara Ashada Nakshatra

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Uttarashadha brings us to the summit of our power, support and recognition, not so much through our personal efforts (which is more the case in Jyeshta) but with the appropriate alliances and support of all the Gods. Our victory depends upon a righteous cause that is beneficial to all, which we are helping in. Here we fight more as the leader of an army.

Vishvedevas (All Gods or the Universal Gods also called as Ganadevatas. According to the Vishnu Purana, they were the Ten Sons of Dharma and Vishva, the daughter of the Universe’s Genetic Engineer Daksha, enumerated as follows: 1. Vasu (Goodness) 2. Satya (Truth) 3. Kratu (Will Power) 4. Daksha (Ritual Skill) 5. Kala (Time) 6. Kama (Desire/ Lust) 7. Dhriti (Firmness/ Forbearance) 8. Kuru (Ancestors) 9. Pururavas (Abundance/Brightness) 10. Madravas (Peak of Joy)). This Constellation is also Associated with Ganesha (Vignesh) the Remover of Obstacles.

This is a recording of a course by Dr. Arjun Pai on Uttara Ashada and will help you unleash its secrets to understand more about what this means for you and how it can help you in your life.
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