Pushya Nakshatra

Rs. 2,999.00

Pushya Nakshatra increases our good karma and good efforts. The value of this Nakshatra for religious and spiritual practices is emphasized. Brihaspati is the lord of speech, particularly prayer, and of all forms of worship, including meditation, so these indications are all in harmony with his functions.

Brihaspati or Jiva (the High Priest of the Gods/ Tutor of the Devas/ Lord of Sacred Speech and Prayers. He was given the Lordship of Planet Jupiter by Shiva. He is also the Author of Books on Law and Politics. He is the Teacher of Jyotish and Astronomy. He gives Sustenance to Those Around Him). 

This is a recording of a course by Dr. Arjun Pai on Pushya and will help you unleash its secrets to understand more about what this means for you and how it can help you in your life.
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