Personalized Tithis Interpretation Report

Tithis are nothing else but solilunar days...

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Tithis are nothing else but solilunar days in Vedic astrology based on the apparent distance between the Sun and the Moon in our sky, which determines the Moon phases, as well. 

Being born in a certain Tithi gives certain qualities to your personality. The deity of your Tithi is important as you are supposed to be the living essence of this deity. The good qualities of the deity, as well as their struggles, become your personality patterns.

Your Tithi represents the different natures of your life, which if properly understood give you the opportunity to preserve the precious amrita that your soul has gathered over its previous lifetimes. It shows your weaknesses and your strengths, your ability to relate to others as well as your connections to the deities. Your Tithi is a personification of a deity that divided itself into two halves. One half remained in eternity while the other came down to Earth to face the law of karma and guard your soul.

This personalized Tithi Interpretation Report gives you in-depth analysis of the following

  1. Your Tithi and It’s attributes such as Kala, Element, Planetary Ruler, Guna, Yogini, Vowel, Stage of Consciousness, Divine Quality, Your Deity, Nakshatra connection and the form of shiva related to your tithe.
  2. Your Tithi Goddess - An in-depth analysis of the deity’s strength, struggles, form etc.
  3. How to meditate on your Tithi Goddess
  4. Numerology related to your Tithi
  5. Shakti or Strengths or Power of your Tithi Goddess
  6. Important Rashis in your chart based on your Tithi
  7. Sadhana for your Tithi 
  8. Mantras
  9. Affirmations 
  10. Questions for Self Analysis
  11. Your Tithi Yantra 

Note - We will email you a link to the form to collect your date of birth information.

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