Online Ayurvedic 14-day Spring Detox - 15-28 May
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Online Ayurvedic 14-day Spring Detox - 15-28 May

If your goal is to shift the excess quarantine kilograms, deep cleanse your gut, reboot your digestive system

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If your goal is to shift the excess quarantine kilograms, deep cleanse your gut, reboot your digestive system or just to help create that inner glow, then join this two week Spring Detox program from your home with an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner. 

Inspired by the holistic Ayurvedic health science you will be guided through Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Daily Guidance & Inspiration, Diet, Nutrition, Meal Plans, Ayurvedic Recipes, Detox Teas recipes + much more, to help the body detox and help you adopt healthier habits for a healthier lifestyle that can easily be integrated into your everyday life. 

The two-week programme is divided into two parts:

Day 1 to 7:
Focus on our daily habits, drinking behaviour and lifestyle. The programme is supplemented by light meditation, breathing and yoga techniques. Based on the Ayurvedic lifestyle, the foundation is laid for phase two.

Day 8 to 14:
For the next 7 days, you will cook simple, delicious, Ayurvedic recipes through which the system gets detoxified via specially crafted recipes. The detox process is enhanced by the intake of Ayurvedic food supplements, with the aim of renewing ourselves with new energy.

Program Content

Preparation: You will receive some inspirational material, including the list of ingredients needed and natural/herbal supplements to purchase before the program starts.

Inspiration: Regular information from the Ayurveda team with your Spring detox timetable containing planners and lessons for the upcoming days.

Water is life: A unique detox drinking planner, whereby you record your daily water consumption - an important part of the programme.

Your Personal Ayurveda Community: On a closed Facebook group, share experiences, questions, and inspiration as a community. The Sri Sri Ayurveda team will be in daily contact with you here.

Self-paced Video Content: Receive self-paced video content to help you understand the process of your Spring detox.

Ayurveda Detox Cookbook: Receive a mini digital Spring detox cookbook and shopping list for the 7 "cook" days.

Why detox with Ayurveda?

In an ever changing world, where it has become even more apparent that we need to strengthen ourselves from within and fight the toxins and poisons that are inflicted on us, detox is a way for us to protect ourselves.

In Ayurveda, however, detox is not just about diet, the consumption of so-called superfoods, fasting, going to the gym or superficial colon cleansing. Ayurvedic detoxification includes, among other things, diet, lifestyle and a stable healthy and happy state of mind.

The process of detox is not restricted to the body alone, but is more holistic, taking into account the body-mind-emotion complex. Change of season and the associated influencing factors are also a significant part of the Ayurvedic detox

Why Spring Detox Now?

Spring is in full bloom, with the blossoming of flowers, vibrant colors in nature, and a rise in temperatures.

Since we as humans (microcosm) are closely connected to our environment (macrocosm), the new season also has an affect on our body-mind system.

By adapting our bodies and minds to the new season, we can enjoy Spring and the rest of the year in all its glory, full of energy, and with a stronger and more robust immune system.

Our digestive fire tends to be sensitive during the Spring months and can easily be weakened. Our immune system can also be more susceptible to external "trigger factors" (so-called allergens).

With the 14-day online Spring detox program, you will be able to support your body and mind in the new season to stay healthy and full of vitality.


“I have received a lot of good tips for changing my diet and lifestyle.” - Sabine

“I took a lot of impulses with me, which I take as the basis for change.” - Uwe S.

“The course gave me good basics for my future life. I feel very well recovered physically and mentally. Thank you for the good time and very good food.” - Alexandra M

Program Led By

Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor) Chaithanya from Kerala, India, along with other Ayurvedic practitioners from India have devised this detox program, based on the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda as part of the Sri Sri Ayurveda team.

Sri Sri Ayurveda 

Since its inception in India in 1981, Sri Sri Ayurveda's focus has been on promoting healthy living and overall harmony. It offers a wide range of health programs that are in strict accordance with authentic Indian health education. These include: online and offline workshops, detox programs lasting several days, therapeutic massages, pulse consultations, and individualized nutrition and exercise programs.

Ayurveda is a way of life, not just a health system or a school of medicine. In order to achieve a comprehensive balance in life, a holistic approach is important personally, professionally and socially. Sri Sri Ayurveda, does not only teach the principles of Ayurveda, but live them and enables others to live them too.

The Sri Sri Ayurveda team lives a consistent Ayurvedic routine with daily yoga, breathing exercises and meditation as well as a healthy diet


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