Magha Nakshatra

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Magha translates as "The Mighty", "The Great", "The Benevolent", and also "The Magificient". Magha refers to Gift, Wealth, Power, Bounty, Reward, Liquor we inherit form our ancestors. Magha derived from the word Maghavan which translates as possessing or distributing gifts, bountiful, liberal. Esoterically, Maghaban is the cause of light and brightness and is also a reference to the clouds which are charged with electricity. Magha is also a species of grain which is usually offered to the deceased during a ritual called Shraddha and always involve grains.

The "Pitris" the ancestral spirits, particularly the great Rishis and Yogis for whom Shiva is the supreme lord and guide are the guiding angels for this nakshatra. The symbol is the "Royal chamber with the Throne". The royal chamber suggests royalty, power, status, honour. The throne denotes all that we have inherited genes, property, gems, wealth, knowledge, power, authority and status. The body is the throne of the soul, and serves the purpose of a vehicle to carry the soul in this lifetime. The natives are conscious of their social standing, eminence and performance of duty, and in a negative context, it can lead to over ambition. On a higher reality, Magha displays a high capacity for idealism, even when it is surrounded by material wealth.

The people of this nakshatra are often attracted to material pleasures and enjoy high positions in the society, this sometimes build a sense of pride in them which is one of the negative traits of these people. They are often over confident and being in powerful position, they tend to impose their decisions on others without much consideration. This negative trait of being classist may cause resentment in some people about them.

Natives of this nakshatra are powerful, influential and short tempered. They tend to loose their temper now and then. These people cast their influence wherever they go and whatever they do. Magha nakshatra incorporates energy and ability to work hard in the nature of its natives. These people are optimistic and free spirited.

Magha aims at shaping the present with the help of the past. If a native has Magha in their astrological chart, they are bound to experience positive karma. It may translate into favors from those in positions of power, although the nature of the favors is sudden and impulsive. Natives are interested in being historians, writing war sagas, Antiques, Archaeologists, Genetic Research, Museum curators, Connection with forefathers (Pitris), Remembers past life connection, Connect and communicate with spirits.

When Magha is afflicted with natural malefics results in genetic diseases or ancestors may have gone through a lot of pain and suffering. CEOs of organisations, Presidents and Prime Ministerís, Kings, Movie Stars, are prominently associated with Magha Nakshatra. Magha native's do not like to take instructions from others except from Bharani since the deity is Yama the God of Death who in a sense created the Pitris. They show interest in performing oblations to forefathers.

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