Digital Astrology Calendar 2024

Rs. 1,850.00

Empower your decisions, seize opportunities, and embark on a year of cosmic wisdom with the "Digital Astrology Calendar"

When you purchase our "Digital Astrology Calendar," you'll receive a personalized ICS (iCalendar) file packed with carefully curated astrological events for the year 2024. Here's a glimpse of the cosmic treasures you'll find in this calendar:

  • Rahu Kalam: Discover inauspicious time slots within each day, guiding you on when to exercise caution or avoid significant decisions.
  • Amavasya: Embrace the energy of the New Moon, signaling new beginnings, introspection, and fresh opportunities.
  • Purnima (Full Moon): Bask in the radiance of the Full Moon, a time for heightened emotions, culminations, and manifesting intentions.
  • The Moon’s Nakshatra Transit: Stay connected to daily lunar journeys through the constellations, offering insights into your emotional landscape.
  • Panchang: Access an extensive Hindu calendar, detailing lunar days, weekdays, lunar mansions, and other essential aspects of daily life.
  • Tri Pushkar and Dvi Pushkar Yogas: Recognize auspicious yoga combinations that indicate favorable moments for significant actions.
  • Ekadashi: Dedicate days to sacred fasting on the 11th day of each lunar phase, aligning with spiritual practices.
  • Pradosham: Identify the sacred days known as "Pradosham" in the lunar calendar. These days occur twice a month during the waxing and waning phases of the moon. Pradosham is a time when the energy of Lord Shiva is believed to be especially potent, making it auspicious for meditation, prayer, and spiritual observances.
  • Special Events (Vasant Panchami, Navratri, etc): Immerse yourself in cultural and spiritual traditions by staying informed about significant festivals and celebrations.
  • Gandanta Transits: Navigate moments of transformation with awareness, as you witness critical transitions.
  • Nakshatra Transit of All Planets: Stay informed about significant moments when planets change their positions within the lunar constellations (nakshatras). These transitions hold unique astrological significance, and knowing when they occur can offer insights into how planetary movements may influence your life's events and decisions.
  • Eclipses: Stay informed about the crucial dates when solar and lunar eclipses occur throughout the year.

How to Access Your Digital Calendar:

  • Download: Securely download the attached ICS file to your device.
  • Import: Follow our easy-to-follow instructions, included with your purchase, to seamlessly integrate this calendar into your chosen calendar application. Whether you prefer Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, or others, the process is intuitive and effortless.
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