Demystify and Decode Karma + Career Progression With Timing and Remedies + Predictive Vedic Astrology using Transits and Dashas (Save ₹ 7,700 )

Demystify and Decode Karma + Career Progression With Timing and Remedies + Predictive Vedic Astrology using Transits and Dashas (Save ₹ 7,700 )

Demystify and Decode Karma from a birth chart and learn to manage it with remedies and rituals

This seminar is a precious...
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Demystify and Decode Karma from a birth chart and learn to manage it with remedies and rituals

This seminar is a precious opportunity to learn from one of India’s BEST Vedic astrologer E.K.Dhilip Kumar popularly known as E.K.D.K

You can watch his youtube videos on his channel here - [E K Dhilip Kumar - YouTube](

Based on extensive study of the scriptures and 25 years of research and experience E.K.Dhilip Kumar will share with us  the secrets to decode and demystify karma from a birth chart.

1. Understand how to read karma from a birth chart.
2. Learn secret tips to formulate the most personalized remedies and rituals.
3. Understand the astrological remedies from a scientific angle so you know why it works.
4. Demystify and Decode your birth chart to find out secret clues  help you understand why a certain pattern happens in your life and how you can manage it.

 E.K.Dhilip Kumar

Career Progression With Timing and Remedies

Visti Larsen from the  of pandit Sanjay Rath will discuss the topic of Career Progression with Timing and Remedies that will look at areas such as how you can find a new job, how you can achieve the desires that you have in life and when you can expect these achievements to happen.

This will all be determined from examining the houses from the Moon, and in particular by focusing on the 9th house from the Moon which reveals what types of desires that are coming to you in this life, what you want to achieve in life and also what makes you seek a means in order to fulfill those desires. These houses from the Moon are very relevant to understanding our mind, but they are also important as they reflect where food, wealth and work are coming from into the planet.

This careful balance between how the mind works, how society interacts with us and how we interact with them as a result of our own desires, becomes pivotal when examining career progression, career timing  understanding what it is that we are seeking. We also get to understand whether we are seeking something that is appropriate for us - perhaps the problem is that we have to change gears and shift to a different line of thinking compared to what we were originally seeking for before - a different view, a different career maybe, in order to achieve a happier outcome in life.

You will also get to understand that if there is a problem then you can remedy that problem, even day-to-day, such as which mantra we should chant to achieve the right job, whether its a current job or one in the future. 

You will learn about the topic of bhava  because these houses from the Lagna can be slightly adjusted based on  chakra and to what extent it should be used will also be discussed. Chandra Chalit chakra can also have relevance when the Moon is examined which is where you draw the houses from the perspective of the Moon’s degree and then suddenly a new, different chart can be seen.

The Moon is a useful way of accessing the chart in Jyotish, so get your Moon charts ready for the course - which means, make sure you have your chart in front of you with your Moon signs prepared, so you can see the Houses from the Moon (you can see this on the Cosmic Insights app). The beauty of doing this is that you won’t have any doubts about where the Moon is in your chart. Maybe your Lagna chart is not right? or your Lagna degree is on the border? or your Moon chart is on the border? This is not an issue, because if we know this before the course then we can find a great technique to rectify your Moon sign by figuring out which side it should be on.

About  Larsen
Larsen has been studying Vedic Astrology or Jyotish since his teenage years and shortly after found his Astrology Guru Pt. Sanjay Rath.

He has traveled to attend and present at several conferences and workshops across the USA, UK, Serbia, and India and was among the youngest selected to be a teacher by his Jyotish Guru Pt. Sanjay Rath, who he spent many years with learning from him directly. Having learned the ancient ways of the Parampara, he has also been educated in several aspects of ancient Vedic knowledge, comprising topics of philosophy, Mantra Shastra, Sanskrit, Upasana, and allied fields. The ancient texts that he learned, and relies on, are that of Gita, Upanishad, Purana, and Veda.

Attempting to imitate his Guru’s every word and gesture, his understanding, academic and systematic approach to the topic has earned him much appreciation within the Jyotish spectrum. He, like his teacher, is a strict follower of the ancient teachings and a promoter of Sanatan Dharma, encouraging vegetarianism, a spiritual and holistic lifestyle. Having a background in other religious philosophies, he enjoys bridging the gaps between different schools of thought and understanding the truths that unite all religious philosophies.


Predictive Vedic Astrology using Transits and Dashas

Transits are the basic tools to understand the cycles of our life but in Vedic astrology, the Dashas reveal the big picture when certain events will manifest.
Learn how to use the Dashas with transits to understand the unfoldment of life’s experiences.

About Joni Patry
Joni is one of the most recognized Vedic astrologers in the world. She published many books, and appeared on national and international television shows, has a YouTube Channel and publishes an online magazine, As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website and speaks in Turkey and India. She was the 2015 Jyotish Star of the year and received Dr. B.V. Ramen’s Jyotisa Choodamani award.

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