Basics of Vedic Astrology - Private tutoring with Dr. Santhip Kanholy

Rs. 44,999.00

A one-on-one interactive course to study the basic concepts of Vedic Astrology   with Dr. Kanholy Santhip Krishnan, the creator of the Pai map. 

Course Stucture

  • Learn about the basic concepts of Vedic astrology 
  • Establish a good foundation on Planets, Signs, Houses and Nakshatras
  • Study about the different elements associated with the Planets and Signs 
  • Observe simple example charts to help understand the concepts 
  • Learn the methodology to study your own individual chart and further deeper studies in jyotish

Course Materials

  • Pdf of the power point presentation every week.
  • Recordings of every class.
  • Homework practices to help integrate the concepts with feedback from the instructors.
  • Key words for each nakshatra and nakshatra deity