Ashlesha Nakshatra

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Ashlesha translates as embrace, embracing, adherence, intimate connection, clinging to, intwining. Ashlesha also means 'disunion', 'disjunction'. It is called the 'clinging star' or the 'leash', 'the bonding star'. Its tutelary archtype or predominating deity are the Sarpas (the deified serpents). Similar to the serpents these are penetrating and intense individuals, with hypnotic eyes. They can hypnotize you with their glare and presence. They are profound and full of wisdom, but have been know to use it to the contrary, like black magic in extreme cases.

These indiviuals are deeply philosophical nature, thoughtful, austere, self reliant and have a reclusive quality. Also indicates a hypnotizing, attractive quality with personal magnetism. Can behave in crude, harsh, selfish & venomous manner and cannot tolerate personal humiliation.

Snakes shed their skin, so there is the quality of renewal when endeavors are outgrown, absorbing new vitality for new endeavors and intellectual development. The ability to change the perception of life can catapult the person into radically different conditions of existence that can happen unexpectedly. When the lower energies of Ashlesha operate they can be sneaky, and crafty. They attack when you least expect it, are cold blooded, and dangerous, sometimes they tend to attack without provocation.

They are seen prominently in healing fields addressing deep mental-emotional disorders (hysteria, manic-depressive tendencies, hallucinations, mental instability) or past life trauma and past life regression. Homeopathy, Chemotherapy, radiations. This nakshatra has themes of shape-shifting, hidden agendas, secret wisdom and knowledge, manipulativeness (compulsive), and craftiness. They cannot tolerate any criticism or humiliation.

They are extremely sexual and may use it to manipulate and control others. When they become distrustful, fearful and hurt they learn to turn their manipulative energy to divine wisdom and use their magic to achieve their goals. However, Ashlesha natives are self-reliant with excellent communication skills, capable of great concentration and penetrating intelligence and power of discrimination. At times, they can be forthright, tactless, blunt, individualistic and self-willed.

This is a recording of a course by Dr. Arjun Pai on Ashlesha and will help you unleash its secrets to understand more about what this means for you and how it can help you in your life.