21 in 1 Mega Report + Personalized Saturn Interpretation Report + Personalized Destiny Point (Bhrigu Bindu) Report (Save ₹3,599)

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250+ Pages!!! + FREE video lesson of your Janma Nakshatra ($49 value)

In one PDF document you will be getting everything! (Allow 5 days for delivery)

1. Birth Chart & Divisional Charts
2. Planet & House Details
3. Extensive Nakshatra Analysis
4. Rahu & Ketu Analysis
5. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva - Analysis
6. Vata, Pita, Kapha - Analysis
7. Karmas stored in Chakras - Analysis
8. Nakshatras of Divisional Chart
9. Birth Panchang
10. Nadi Nakshatras & Nava Tara
11. Upcoming Important Transit Dates
12. Vishnu Sahasranma Shlokas based on your Birth Chart
13. Atmakaraka (Soul Planet) Report
14. Personalized Mantras based on Birth Chart for every planet
15. Saturn Transit Report (Sade Sati, Ashtamashani, Kantakashani)
16. Ganesha and Jyotirlingam based on your Birth Chart Report
17. Destiny Point Report (Bhrigu Bindu)
18. Pai Map Report
19. Elements (Pancha Maha Bhuta) Analysis
20. Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha Analysis
21. Mahadashas 



This report will be written by our astrologers after analyzing your birth chart and D9 chart. 

The report will contain the following

  1. Lessons that Saturn is trying to teach you
  2. Suggested remedies to manage Saturn based on your birth chart.
  3. Key Saturn transits that you should look out for.
  4. Interpretation of Saturn’s aspects on your chart.
  5. Saturn’s nakshatra interpretation.



Note - This is a personalized report written after analyzing your chart. It is not an auto generated report. So please give us 5-7 business days for delivery!
* Learn more about the mystical destiny point of your birth chart
* Realize the deeper layers of destiny point operating in your chart
* Find out how your destiny point will reveal your life path 
* Discover the most important dates in your life that brings about your destiny
* Prepare yourself for what destiny has in store for you