Sacred Lunar Phases - Tithis in Vedic Astrology

As our body is made in 65% of water, lunar phases have enormous influence on our consciousness, body, mind
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As our body is made in 65% of water, lunar phases have enormous influence on our consciousness, body, mind and emotions - the same way how Moon affects the water in nature. Changing phases of the Moon influence even the chakras in our energy body and breathing patterns. Above all, however, the lunar phase ruling on our day of birth, is leaving a permanent blueprint in our consciousness and determines our emotional patterns.

On this course you will learn how to interpret the birth tithi (lunar phase) of the native (jataka), as well as how to understand on a deeper level how lunar phases of the present moment affect your consciousness. You might get surprised to see how many fascinating things you can read from a chart just by interpreting the birth tithi itself. Tithis do not only determine our emotional patterns, but they also tell us a lot about the quality of our relationships, financial flow and the way we welcome all the new experiences in life. During the course you will learn, how to interpret the entire birth chart from the perspective of the tithi, as well as you will learn about some very practical ways to rectify any flaws in the birth tithi by application of simple remedies.

Tutor: Achala (Sylwia Mihajlović)

Dr.Arjun Pai
Dr.Santhip Kanholy 

Achala is researching the science Jyotish, particularly the tithis since many years already. Being also an Atma Kriya Yoga teacher she is fascinated with understanding how movements of the planets affect our consciousness and how can we rectify our emotional patterns with the help of the knowledge from the stars. Author of “Discovering Youniverse” and “Journey with the Moon”.

Course Pre-requisite:

The basics of Jyotish like navagrahas, rashis, bhavas and a familiarity with the nakshatras. It is also highly recommended to read “Journey with the Moon” before joining the course.


This is a recorded course, which you will receive by email along with accompanying materials, if any, for your reference.

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