One Question Prashna Service without date of birth

Rs. 4,999.00

Prashna or Horary Astrology: Prashna or Horary (from the word Hora which means ‘hour’ or more broadly ‘the time’) Astrology is a form of astrology which does not require the natal chart or the Birth Chart which is derived from the date, time and place of birth.  While a natal chart is very useful in astrology, it is often not used if the time of birth is not accurately* recorded. Even if the time of birth is accurate, events are sometimes very deeply embedded in the chart. At other times, events are not strongly indicated in the chart.  This is since each of the twelve houses in the horoscope represents about 120 aspects of a human life. Further, each of the 9 planets (excluding Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) has over a hundred significations.

Twelve Houses and Nine planets can give about 5400000000000000000000000 combinations! That is, Five Hundred Forty Septillion different charts! This excludes the use of Nakshatras and its Padas.   With Nakshatra and Padas the correct answer is that an infinite number of combinations are possible with 12 houses and 9 planets.

With so many different combinations possible in a Birth Chart, every event in a human life cannot be highlighted. Many events are reflected very faintly in the Birth Chart.

Advantages of Prashna Astrology:  Using techniques of Prashna Astrology, an astrological chart is cast where all houses and planets combine to answer a single question. A Prashna chart is like a convex lens which converges the scattered rays of the sun to form a single focused beam of light. When the Birth Chart does not give a conclusive answer a Prashna Chart can be used. A Prashna chart is also used when the querent does not:

  • Have the accurate time of birth*
  • Does not wish to share birth details with the astrologer

When is the best time to put a Prashna:  When a single thought becomes the dominant issue in life is when an answer via Prashna could be sought.  The question could be about anything in life but must be on an issue which plays dominantly in the mind when the Prashna is put forward. The question must be specific and clear and must not be a potpourri of several issues. A good question would be: “Will my application to Cornell University, USA for admission to the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department be accepted”?  An example of a poorly framed Prashna would be: “Will I study Engineering abroad and get a well-paying job after completing the course”?

“I am currently in a relationship. Will this lead to marriage” is a good Prashna. “I am currently in a relationship. My partner wants to change his job and buy a house before getting married. When will these events happen? This would be an incorrectly framed question for Prashna.  A direct and pin-pointed question based on the dominant theme in the querent’s life, at that point, results in the most accurate answers.

The Random Number: Other than the question, the querent will also be asked to submit a random number from 1 to 249. The random number can be 1 or 249 or any number in between. On many occasions, querents try to manipulate the Prashna by giving their lucky number as the random number. This will throw the astrologer off balance and this will result in a poor reading. The random number must be a number from 1 to 249 which pops into the querent’s mind while posing the question. It is acceptable if the random number also happens to be a number which is the querent’s lucky number or the querent’s birth date or similar. However, the random number must not be a premeditated number but must be a number (from 1 -249 only) which the querent thinks of without any deliberation.

What to expect from a Prashna reading: Expect a short and sharp written answer to your question – just like the question. There is no option for a voice consultation for this service. On most occasions, the answer will be as sharply defined as the question and equally short. If the question is: “Will my application to Cornell University, USA for admission to the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department be accepted” the answer could be: “You will be successful in securing admission to the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department at Cornell University”. You may commence the course in Fall 2018. In some cases, there may be addition astrological information to your query. In other reading, there may be no additional information other than the answer to your question.

Purchase and Delivery: Upon purchase, a Consultant at Cosmic Insights will examine the query and the Random Number provided. The Consultant will send you the answer to your query in 4 working days from the date of the query. Since the Consultant may be in a time zone different from your, please allow additional hours for the time zone difference.  On some occasions, few additional days may be required.