Eclipse Reading

Rs. 10,999.00

1 session of 30 mins

Note - This is a LIVE consultation done via video call (Skype or Zoom)

Astrologer: Dr. Santhip Kanholy

There are three eclipses in one calendar month.

According to NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak, three eclipses falling within 30 days of each other happen only 12 times during the five-century span from 1801-2300; six times there are two solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse within 30 days and six times there are two penumbral lunar eclipses and a total (or annular) solar eclipse within 30 days.

The last time we had three eclipses within 30 days was in July 2000, when two partial solar eclipses bracketed a total lunar eclipse and this time it is here again, in the summer of 2018 on the following dates.

This summer the eclipse dates are:

July 13 - Partial solar eclipse

July 27 - Lunar eclipse,

Aug 11 - Partial solar eclipse!

Eclipses can be a turbulent time to start or end projects, relationships, jobs, or any other important activities in the material world and its effects can ripple right through the rest of the year and beyond based on planetary placements in our own personal birth chart.

This is due to auspicious beginnings being blessed with light, such as the light of a healthy, full Moon and the daytime Sun. With Rahu and Ketu consuming all of this light and warping it in unseen ways, anything you start could turn out not as expected and if you end something during this time you may end up regretting it later, once the eclipse effects have worn off.

Eclipses are a great time to stay indoors and to look inwards, to meditate and take care of your inner self. In fact, they provide an enhanced and rich opportunity to connect with the spirit.

It influences every one of us in a unique way, based on our own birth chart. Find out more about its influences on you with our eclipse reading which will cover the following:

1. Which houses come under the spotlight

2. Things that you should be aware of regarding those houses

3. Key guidance on how to manage the eclipse energy

4. Personalized remedies.

Note - We will email you a link to the form to collect your date of birth information.